Your Eyewear & You

Choosing lenses and frames

When choosing lenses and frames, there are numerous technical points that greatly affect how well your eyeglasses perform.

  • Does your eyeglass provider measure base curves from your current lenses?
  • Are inter-pupillary measurements confirmed when selecting your new eyeglasses?
  • Are lens features such as UV protection, edge treatments, anti-reflective coatings, transitions, tints, polarization, and blue light fliters suggested with your actual benefit in mind?
  • Are your existing eyeglasses examined to identify current lens material, multi-focal type, fitting heights, and lens features?
  • Does the frame have temples of the correct length for your bridge-to-ear span?
  • Is the bridge of the frame an appropriate width, shape, and size to ensure good fit and comfort?
  • For your prescription, are frame size and shape compatible with optical centers, fitting heights, and peripheral clarity?
  • When your new eyeglasses arrive, are they custom-fitted to ensure comfort?

At Bronze Optical, the answer to each of these questions is “Yes!”

Eyewear maintenance

Eyeglasses require preventive maintenance to ensure optimal vision and comfort. Every twelve months or so is a good idea. Glasses that are neglected often do unpleasant things at inconvenient times: Screws and eye wires become loose. Temples and nose pad arms get out of alignment. Lenses become loose in the frame and fall out. Nose pads become discolored.

Ongoing maintenance of your eyeglasses is one of the fabulous benefits of being a client of Bronze Optical. Call 414-221-7055 to schedule your no-charge maintenance visit. Bring your empty lens cleaner bottles and we’ll refill them for a small fee.